November 2016

The Printmakers

Heather Huston & Brenda Malkinson

November 5 - December 3

Artists reception November 12, from 2:30-5:30pm

Heather Huston, "Neighbourhood Watch", 15 x 22, Silkscreen print


Brenda Malkinson,"Unexpected Wave of Hope" 15 x15", woodblock print

For our November exhibition we are pleased to present two traditional printmakers, Heather Huston (silkscreen prints) and Brenda Malkinson (colour wood blocking printmaking and glass pieces) Both artists are known for low-edition hand-made traditional prints. In addition to these two artists we will also feature sculpture by Wanda Ellerbeck.


Brenda Malkinson’s colour woodblock prints and drawings are concerned with the incarnation of fragmentation. A text or object upon which time and fate has changed reveals itself in the form of a fragment. Bits and pieces resembling remnants of aged cloth, manuscripts, weathered leaves and petals, insect trails colour and shadows. Brenda is curious about her impulse to gather such relics; but there is a deeper inclination, a mystifying urge to explore how fragments can manifest into other matter, evidence, beliefs and circumstances.


Heather Huston's work is based on the everyday, trying to find interesting structures in cookie-cutter neighbourhoods, and the body’s resilience/failure in the face of illness. Heather's silkscreens present an engagement with positive and negative space within the real estate of the print. What is left out becomes as important as what remains, overlays with muted tones and splashes of colour reflect the process in building the composition.



Also on exhibition in November

Wanda Ellerbeck Sculpture

Window gallery,

Karen Chaisson paintings

Wanda Ellerbeck "Embodied", 18 x10 x 20" Cast Concrete, recycled glasss, and fir


Karen Chaisson "Autumn Whispers", 40 x 20" oil on canvas


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