October 2016

Wanda Ellerbeck / paintings & Sculpture


Maggie Leal-Valias / photo based works


October 8 - November 5

Artists reception October 15, from 2:30-5:30pm

Wanda Ellerbeck "Embodied", 18 x10 x 20" Cast Concrete, recycled glasss, and fir


Maggie Leal Valias, "Metal Silk" Altered photograph

UV ink on aluminum, mounted on birch panel



Wanda Ellerbeck "Repose" (winter) acrylic/carved birch panel


Maggie Leal-Valias’ photographic work subverts the whole idea of photography as a record of something seen or easily understood by removing original subject and context through use of technology. The camera and the technology are enablers only, not entities in and of themselves. Photography and technology, as with any other medium suggest boundaries that are only there to be pushed.


Wanda Ellerbeck's sculpture and painting are inspired by the natural world seeking to uncover meaning and understanding of a knowledge which lies beneath the surface, whether this is the templates of land and river, ice and snow and the colour and richness of minerals hidden below and uncovered by man. She is interested in the juxtaposition of strength and fragility as these thoughts embody the shifting atmosphere of nature, and human expression as it manifests in the natural world.

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